SANO Wellbeing Program

Mental Wellbeing

A program that implements a proactive and preventative approach to keeping your team mentally well

The Mental Wellbeing Program is made up of five pillars



it is

SANO’s Mental Wellbeing Program forms an important part of the ‘SANO Well’ stream. The Mental Wellbeing Program is unlike others on the market. Rather than focusing on mental health problems and suicide prevention, the program takes a positive and preventative approach.

Our program is designed to focus on proactive ways to keep people at the ‘healthy’ end of the mental health continuum. We do this by consistently drawing the connection between mind and body across five areas of wellbeing; social, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.


do it

The SANO Mental Wellbeing Program is not like all the others. SANO employs experts in the field and prominent mental wellbeing advocates to deliver evidence-based, relatable content.

  • The program has a focus on positive and preventative skills.

  • Focuses on improvement by providing knowledge and skills.

  • Clearly connects the factors to allow individuals to understand the link between all five pillars and how small changes can impact overall wellbeing.


it works

SANO experts will facilitate interactive activities and discussions for each of the five pillars throughout each 30-40 minute session. Workgroups can expect to engage in a monthly topic over approximately six months. 1-on-1 sessions will also be available with SANO experts to develop knowledge around each pillar.

One in three frontline workers experience high levels of psychological distress

– Perpitch, 2018

“Very interactive, thoroughly enjoyable.”
– Cadia, May 2022

“Real, down to earth and practical.”
– Cadia, May 2022

“…Need more often. Excellent presso.”
– Cadia, May 2022

“Presenter was excellent, content was spot on. Look forward to more presentations like this.” 
– Capricorn Copper, May 2022



Interactive activities and discussions

Based on the five pillars

Sessions by SANO experts

30-40 minute presentations

Engage in a monthly topic

Over the course of six months

1-on-1 sessions with SANO experts

To develop knowledge around each pillar

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