Postive behaviour change that will

Improve health and prevent injury for your team

Change doesn't happen overnight. It happens one small step at a time.
Let Sano ensure your business is performing at its peak with a healthy and motivated workforce.

The Sano difference

Sano Health's programs have been developed to enhance the performance of the most important aspect of your business - your people.

We focus on three key areas; to prevent injury, improve health and well-being through positive behaviour change.

We integrate the people, systems and technology from the world of elite sport to improve the mental and physical health of your workforce.

Sano gives your business access to experts in the fields of Injury prevention, mental wellbeing, safety and leadership, to educate, inspire and motivate your workforce.

We offer a range of facilitation options in order to best suit your business' individual needs, from on-site facilitation, digital session, and supporting content to reinforce each specific program.



Wellbeing, Health & Injury Prevention program designed to minimise the risk of injury and improving the health and engagement of all employees.

Mental Wellbeing

Drawing the link between physical and mental health.

Mind Bites

We arm you with the right information, scientifically-validated advice tailored to your teams and delivered efficiently.


Supporting your individuals to build deeper trust and connection.


Improving the safety culture and performance through situational & self-awareness.

Be Safe

An audit system that ensures all facilities and processes are compliant with the strictest health and safety protocols.

Find out how Sano Health can help your business

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