SANO Wellbeing Program

Mental Health First Aid

Learn how to provide mental health first aid for co-workers, improve knowledge and confidence around strategies and support around mental health decline.

Create an environment of care and understanding at your site or workplace


it is

SANO's Mental Health First Aid aims to provide people with the confidence to assist in challenging situations. This involves training that will upskill participants capabilities to respond to a mental health crisis before referring to appropriate aid. 

The Mental Health First Aid course will improve knowledge and confidence around strategies and support for mental health decline.

The Mental Health First Aid Program will help participants:

  • Recognise mental health problems.

  • Provide initial support before professional help is received.

  • Respond to crises.

  • Improve confidence around mental illness, including depression, anxiety, psychosis and substance abuse.

  • Reduce stigma.


it works

SANO qualified Mental Health First Aid trainers coordinate courses for small or large groups during the day. The course can be completed:

  • At your workplace.

  • On-site.

  • At SANO facilities, or

  • Online.

The course is ideal for those seeking to support others and improve mental health awareness in their community and workplace.

Completing Mental Health First Aid training will equip you with the skills to support friends, family members, co-workers or members of the public who may be developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.

MHFA training forms part of many industries' compliance measures for management teams

SANO Health can assist your business in ensuring your team undertake the appropriate training in the workplace.

Participation in the MHFA program improves individuals knowledge of mental illness, their treatments and appropriate first aid strategies while building confidence in providing first aid and reducing the stigma related to mental health.

“The course was much better than I expected and I would now strongly encourage EVERYONE to attend this course. Mental Health First Aid is as important as physical first aid – it can save lives, help people improve the quality of their lives and also increase understanding and empathy.”
– Byrnecut, Perth, May 2022

“Important training for people in the mining industry.”
Jetcrete, Perth, April 2022

“Everyone should get involved and gain the knowledge there is to gain through the course.”
 – Byrnecut, Perth, April 2022

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