SANO Performance Program


Enhance your leaders' own wellbeing and performance through open communication, mindfulness, self awareness, values and energy management

Optimising leadership through open communication, mindfulness, self-awareness, values and vulnerability


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SANO Health’s Leadership Program creates an incredible connection between leaders within an organisation, and across leaders, teams and environments.

The program's expert performance coaches help to expand leaders' minds through mindfulness, physical activity, improved nutrition, purposeful breathing, and personal and team development. The program delivers transformative experiences in person & online, including customised retreats in incredible locations.


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The program will inspire your people through workshops that will focus on the key elements of individual and team performance. We’ll break down the concepts of ‘winning on all levels’ versus ‘winning at all costs’ so that everyone can understand the importance of viewing performance from all angles.

The program will help leaders to have a more developed sense of self and trust. Leaders will be able to connect more readily with their colleagues, leading to stronger, more sustainable teams.

Stress is not the problem, the problem is a lack of recovery

When leaders of the business live and breathe high-performance it is easy for the rest to follow and perform at their best.

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