SANO Wellbeing Program

9 Week Challenge

A program that supports your people to thrive both physically and mentally through a collaborative approach

Designed for both individual health gains and team camaraderie


it is

In the 9 Week Challenge, each participant will receive detailed health assessments throughout the course of the program. Body composition and lifestyle will be assessed, with participants receiving an overall health score.

During the onboarding process, participants will be equipped with a FitBit activity tracker and will have access to the SANO Health app to follow our customised training programs, track key habits, receive support from our experts, and engage in the challenge leaderboard.


it works

The program will begin with SANO exercise specialists assessing the health status of each participant through comprehensive health assessments. Following this, participants can access the SANO Health app throughout the course to follow their training program and record their progress.

Participants will be able to communicate weekly with SANO experts via the SANO Health app remote coaching feature.

At the completion of the nine weeks, participants undertake final follow-up assessments and the best performer will be announced.



Health assessments

By SANO exercise specialists

SANO Health app access

Follow the training program and record progress

Weekly communication

With SANO experts via SANO Health app

Follow up assessments

Completion of nine weeks and best performer announced

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