SANO Safety Program

Injury Prevention

Designed using unique methodologies and innovative technology to help reduce the risk of injury and improve health and engagement

Meeting the needs of different workplaces and physical routines through a tailored exercise approach.


it is

SANO Health’s knowledge and experience working in high-performance environments provide your organisation with the opportunity to reduce risk of injury and improve health.

The unique insights we have on front-line industry tasks shape the design of our Injury Prevention Program.

Our experts have designed task-specific Daily Injury Prevention (DIP) routines based on the data we have gathered using wearable wireless sensors technology, which records movement and muscle activity.

Generic ‘warm up for work’ activities don’t provide enough detail or specificity to reduce injury risk. Our targeted Injury Prevention Program maximises compliance whilst minimising lost production time.

Within Australian workforces, musculoskeletal injuries account for over 50% of all worker compensation claims

As the severity of injury increases, so does the effect on the injured worker's mental health.

Underpinning injury risk is a multitude of factors that can influence workplace performance –  these include mental health, physical health and fatigue risk.

We have found that targeting these areas first will yield the best results for our programs. Ultimately, improvement in the above three areas will see a decrease in injury rates and injury severity.


it works

Our program uses three key areas to deliver change and reduce injury;

  • Education, using a series of interactive and engaging health presentations by our experts in the fields of strength and conditioning, physiotherapy and nutrition. These presentations help to reinforce key messages to improve employee health and wellbeing by developing a greater understanding of ‘the why’ behind important areas of safety.

  • Collecting data on the repetitive movements and areas of risk for each work-task cohort using various technologies, including wearable wireless sensor technology.

  • Our experts design and implement task-specific Daily Injury Prevention (DIP) routines based on the data we have gathered. The unique insights we have on mining tasks has informed the design of our IPP, ensuring we get the best results for each specific work task cohort. Your team is then supported to ensure adaption and assessed for reporting and improvement with real-time reviews.

From our experience of working in the front-line sectors, we know the motivation behind behaviour change is unique to each and every individual. The goal of positive communication is to break down fixed mindsets, which once achieved, enables both individuals and teams to grow.

Cultural change is often met with resistance at certain levels. Our objective is to work closely with your teams and leaders to ensure optimal operational success with the long-term goal of improving your bottom line.

This is why our programs are holistic by design, looking at each person as a whole being, improving both the physical and mental components of health.



Injury Prevention routine

Short daily routine

Daily Injury Prevention tasks

Work group program based on job demands

Real-time assessment and support

Our experts observe targeted work groups using our portable, wireless devices that measure muscle activity and range of motion

Support for your team

We provide job specific content in the form of posters and videos

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