SANO Safety Program

S.A.F.E Audit

The S.A.F.E Audit program is designed to review your workplace, systems and processes to reduce hazards, maintain compliance and increase safety

A vital program for all front-line industries to ensure your staff remain safe at all times


it is

The SANO S.A.F.E Audit Program is conducted so organisations can review and audit their Systems and Compliance to ensure safety standards are met.

Full reports are provided with a detailed breakdown and review of each section, including percentage scores and comparison versus previous audits and trends.

Reports include;

  • Executive summary.

  • Audit overview.

  • Findings and recommendations report.

  • Score sheets for all principal hazards.

  • Extensive photographic evidence of areas reviewed.

  • Audit Action lists to ensure all items are handled promptly.

  • SEQ&T Audit Certificate with level rating.

  • Auditor sign off.

Audits can be completed for the entire organisation or on a per site/location basis depending on reporting standards required.


it works

The audit process includes a physical inspection of front-line industry workplaces, related infrastructure and support services such as maintenance and electrical workshops, stores, laydown areas and offices.

A cross section of the workforce and management are interviewed to gauge how safety, environment, quality and training systems are executed across the organisation. A review of records such as training records, planned inspection reports, maintenance records, supervisor’s records, safety management plan and associated documentation are also undertaken.

The S.A.F.E Audit program helps ensure staff and workplaces are safe and that potential hazards are identified and rectified as soon as possible.

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