SANO Safety Program

Fatigue Management

Our Fatigue Management Program aims to reduce the risks of fatigue-related incidents through knowledge and awareness

Arming you with a tool-box of practical interventions you can use to reduce fatigue and optimise your energy levels


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The Fatigue Management Training course will cover the key areas of assessing individual fatigue risk, managing night shifts, the impacts of nutrition, alcohol, energy drinks and caffeine, the circadian rhythm and the importance of maintaining good sleep hygiene. Furthermore, the services will involve:

  • Sleep data education through the provision of validated wearables to capture and analyse sleep data on a daily basis. This data is delivered to the user through the device and its associated application providing access to sleep data and forecasts fatigue exposure across the shift ahead.

  • The Fatigue Management Training course, which occurs mid-quarter to educate and upskill workers on maximising sleep performance and educating them on managing fatigue exposure.

  • Individual and group fatigue report generation, which will be provided to the end-user and the management team at the completion of the quarterly period. This provides the individual with a detailed snapshot of how the interventions have impacted their sleep performance and provide the company with an overview of any associated de-identified group trends.


it works

The course will begin with a SANO Health consultant to launch the Fatigue Management Training course on-site or remotely. Participants will be educated through a presentation providing an overview of the technology and the program. Afterwards, consultants will facilitate the onboarding of new users, educating them on their individual validated wearable, and helping them access their sleep and fatigue data. The consultant will also train safety personnel and/or program champions.

The next three phases of the course are broken into monthly blocks.

  • Month 1 will involve users accessing their personal data from the first day of use for review and self-management. Upon completion, a confidential individual report will be delivered to participants to assess trends and identify risk mitigation strategies.

  • Month 2, users will undertake the Fatigue Management Training course which provides the education and tools to maximise sleep performance and proactively manage fatigue exposure.

  • Month 3, individuals can review their confidential individual sleep report. This illustrates the changes across the quarter and the impact of the strategies employed from the Fatigue Management Training.

Following the completion of these phases, users can view comprehensive group reports assessing the de-identified Fatigue Risk Profile of the cohort. The report will illustrate the groups' exposure to critical fatigue episodes, excessive aggregate fatigue exposure and sleep performance metrics.

SANO's consultants will remain in communication with users to ensure the best chance of sustained program success. SANO allocates time each week to communicate, manage and support the safety team and champions on-site to maximise program success.




Site visit by a SANO Health consultant

Month 1: Live intervention

Validated wearable data management

Month 2: Fatigue Management Training

Three hour small group sessions

Month 3: Individual & group reporting

Re-assessment using the wearable device

Final group report

Assess Fatigue Risk Profile and follow up from SANO experts

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