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We use innovative technologies from the worlds of elite sport and high performance to help workplaces reduce fatigue, increase wellbeing and prevent injury. Our holistic approach is what makes Sano different. Help your team feel healthy, move well, think clearly, perform better and live fuller lives.


Improve wellbeing and prevent injury in your workplace

We focus on the six fundamental pillars of health

Empower your teams to take control of their health, behaviours and lifestyle choices. We base our programs on the six fundamental pillars of health, which we call move, eat, breathe, think, connect and be. Improve feelings of wellbeing, vitality and connectedness. Choose from our ready-to-go holistic wellbeing programs, or ask us to tailor a program to address your immediate workplace needs. Reach your workforce via our live webinars, pre-programmed videos or in person training. 

Pillar 1


Help your workforce get physically stronger, avoid injury, release tension and feel focussed and alert. Our strength and conditioning programs are proven to reduce rates of injury, and they have been developed in high performance environments. Our consultants are experts in biomechanics, human movement and exercise science. We help on-site and office-based workforces and leadership teams reduce stress and strain, and we cater to a broad range of fitness levels.

Pillar 2


Optimise the way your teams eat in order to combat fatigue, improve their energy levels and boost their mood. We teach workforces about nutrition and how to successfully plan meals and snacks around shifts. Our experts use groundbreaking studies from leading research centres. We work with office-based and leadership teams, teaching healthy eating habits and gut health to improve wellbeing and increase performance. Help your team sleep better, stay hydrated and feel happier and healthier.

Pillar 3


Introduce your team to the powerful, medically proven benefits of mindfulness. Sano experts teach simple and effective methods to tune into the breath. Breathing techniques will help your workforce feel more in control of their behaviours, recover from gruelling shifts and calm the nervous system to reduce stress. Mindfulness is proven to improve mental health. Deep breathwork helps participants feel connected to themselves and their colleagues and gives them a renewed sense of purpose.

Pillar 4


Support your teams to feel inspired, mentally stimulated and productive at work and in their personal lives. We facilitate sessions and deliver online content that help workplaces understand the link between intellectual wellbeing and overall health. Mental activity exercises the brain in the same way that physical activity exercises the body. We educate teams about learning new skills and hobbies in order to cultivate a healthy, active mind.

Pillar 5


Help your team develop their social wellbeing, which will enable them to communicate effectively, participate positively in your organisation and look out for their team mates. We teach the skills to connect with others by being compassionate and empathetic. Staff at every level in your organisation will learn how to accept challenging situations and build positive social connections. Social wellbeing improves overall health and reduces the risk of illness. 

Pillar 6


Foster a thriving workplace, where your staff feel engaged and have a deep sense of purpose. We encourage teams to explore and reconnect with their passions. We help teams align their behaviours with their true values, so they connect more profoundly with their actions. Living a meaningful life increases motivation and overall wellbeing. Spiritual wellbeing is an important contributor to optimal health.

Give your teams the tools to thrive

We take a holistic approach to their wellbeing

Unlock your team's potential and help them thrive at work and live fuller lives. We look holistically at the key factors affecting physical and mental health and wellbeing. Our expert team has backgrounds in health and high-performance coaching.

Wim Hof breathing exercise in large seminar room
Kane Johnson leading team on fitness exercise

Create sustainable health improvements

We encourage positive behaviour change, one step at a time

Build your team's confidence, as they take steady steps to better health, wellbeing and fulfilment. We use the crowding out theory to introduce positive habits across movement, nutrition and mindfulness and to reduce negative habits. Your teams will feel more engaged at work, perform better and make healthier lifestyle choices.

We're passionate about nutrition. But we also love a good parma.

We help teams make positive lifestyle changes, without taking away everything they love.

What Sano customers say about our wellbeing programs

Underground operator

"Sano helped me change my daily habits. I'm a lot calmer, healthier and generally more pleasant to be around. I now exercise, have swapped cigarettes and coffee for breakfast cereal, drink two litres of water per day, and have two coffees per week. I've not had cigarettes for over two months. Never thought I'd stop the cigs, wasn't on my plan!"

Executive manager

"Since doing the Sano program I feel calmer, and I have reduced the frenetic energy I used to give off at home and work. I have already received positive feedback from home!"

"Making time to breathe and meditate clears my mind and gives me more focus. It rejuvenates me, and prepares me for the task ahead. Being calmer reassures my team that everything will work out in the end. I feel well in control to steady the ship."


Business leader

"The Sano program has given me greater clarity during work hours. At first I was grumpy and erratic, but I'm really starting to see the benefits of my new routine now. I meditate and I am more mindful of my shallow breathing. I haven't smoked for nearly a month, and I am back to running and fitness."

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