We help businesses empower their workforces through positive behaviour changes that improve health and prevent injury.

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Specialised programs that drive results

Our specialised programs have been developed to enhance the performance of the most important aspect of your business — your people.

We integrate people, systems and technology from the world of elite sport into your business to improve the mental and physical health of your workforce, increasing team productivity and satisfaction.

Through these programs, your business will have access to experts in the fields of injury prevention, mental wellbeing, safety and leadership, to educate, inspire and motivate your workforce.

We tailor program delivery to suit your business, offering face-to-face facilitation as well as digital sessions with supporting content to reinforce each program.

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Sano’s Wellbeing, Health & Injury Prevention (WHIP) program integrates the people, systems and technologies from world of elite sport to help reduce the risk of injury and improve health and engagement.

The WHIP captures audiences' attention and initiates positive health changes through its 9 Week Challenge competition. It also creates safer environments using world-first biomechanical assessments that provide:

  • Greater awareness of current wellbeing through health risk assessments
  • Customised injury prevention and rehabilitation programs
  • Ongoing health support and education
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Sano's Leadership program creates an incredible connection between leaders within an organisation, and among leaders, teams and environments.

The program's expert performance coaches help to expand leaders' minds through mindfulness, physical activity, better nutrition, purposeful breathing, and personal and team development.

The Leadership program delivers transformative experiences, in incredible locations, as well as online. Leaders who have completed the program have a more developed sense of self and trust, and can connect more readily with their colleagues, leading to stronger, more sustainable teams.

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Safe 360 focuses on improving safety culture and performance by improving employees' awareness and enabling them to make safe, informed decisions.

The program takes a holistic approach to safety by increasing awareness across three domains: emotional intelligence, mindfulness and situational awareness. The Safe 360 program forms a fundamental part of our integrated approach to wellbeing programs, and is important for employees both personally and professionally.

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Mental Wellbeing

Sano’s Mental Wellbeing program addresses a critical link that is too often overlooked. The link between physical and mental wellbeing.

The program aims to improve overall wellbeing through education and practical advice across six areas: mental, physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual.

To champion our message, Sano employs experts in the field, as well as prominent mental wellbeing advocates, to deliver evidence-based, relatable content both live and online.

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Be Safe — Audit

Sano Health's Be Safe audit team provides comprehensive safety management to identify potential risks and hazards before they progress. Sano's audits ensure employee safety is prioritised by checking that company systems and compliance meet the highest standards.

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Digital Mind Bites

We create and deliver the right content for providing safe, scientifically validated advice and education to broad audiences.

Our focus is on positive behaviour change – supporting your people to learn effective ways to improve and sustain good health.

From daily to monthly communication, via print and email, to video and other visual aids, we tailor content, format and delivery to best support you and your team.

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