SANO Performance Program


"Lead yourself, to lead others"

Wellbeing, Performance & Connection Program.
Developing Leadership, Personal Performance and Team Connection.


is involved

The SANO Thrive Program is a team based program centred on the philosophy of “leading self, to lead others”. Conventional personal development programs commonly reference the working environment and general theories of psychology. Conversely, the SANO experience is underpinned by personal action as the basis of leadership, performance, and team connection. Delivered by leading experts in their respective fields, each element of the SANO Thrive program is grounded in scientific research.


is it done

We have tailored delivery formats, depending on the topic or series chosen. Our content is designed to be delivered in half or full day in person workshops, at SANO (Melbourne) or the nominated workplace. Our content can also be tailored for online engagement sessions or refined for shorter duration workshops delivered in person (eg. part 1 and 2).


The benefits of the SANO program

Enhanced techniques for productivity

Higher team morale and connection

Greater skill set for personal resilience and self-efficacy

Ongoing culture improvement

  • Furthering a growth mindset

  • Thriving in increasing levels of stress

  • Attention control

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Ways to strengthen team connection and trust

  • Mindfulness techniques for better wellbeing and focus

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