SANO Performance Program

Platinum Membership

A membership that will take your health and performance to the next level

Supported by a community of high-performance experts, elite athletes, and like-minded members

This is the place where you can afford to invest in yourself, so that you can be better personally and to those you care for. We have kept access to our memberships limited to retain the highest quality of service.

We take consideration and time to learn about the whole person and guide a membership journey that yields effective, personal results. The services provided are tailored to individual needs of mind and body to achieve the most valuable outcome for you.

Each of our experts has a wealth of experience and qualification working with individuals to optimise their well-being and performance. We believe in teaching and utilising practical, evidence-based tools to do this.

Our goal is that you have an unrivalled health and wellness experience that develops a range of skills to enhance your quality of life for the long term.

It is all these factors that make membership at Sano Perform a one-of-a-kind offering.


it is

At SANO, our purpose is to empower people to experience a higher level of happiness, health, and performance.

In 2023, we have created a unique private facility from our Melbourne office in Kew – Sano Perform.

Sano Perform is the place where all your health, performance training, and recovery needs are provided under the same roof. Our facilities have been carefully selected in terms of scientific relevance and quality. Our services are executed by a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals who will support you during an excellent experience of personal growth.


Private Facility Access & Use

Members will have complete access to our range of training and recovery facilities outside of any direct services they undertake. The space is only accessible to our members to help guarantee a more personal and private experience. This means unlimited use of facilities such as Infrared Sauna, Cold Plunge and Recovery pants, which have a significant casual cost at other ‘recovery centres’.

Heat and Cold Therapy

Heat and cold therapy benefits your cardiovascular health, markers of aging, immunity, detoxification and improves your fat metabolism. We provide:

  • Infrared Sauna.

  • Cold Plunge.

Recovery Tools

Our recovery tools improve circulation, increases flexibility, reduces muscle soreness, reduces joint stiffness and offset stress. We provide:

  • Compression pants.

  • Mindfulness zone.

  • Foam rollers.

  • Massage balls.

Training Space Features

  • Yoga and mobility area.

  • Brand-new strength equipment, custom built.

  • ‘Concept’ Cardio equipment: Rower, Bike, Ski ergo.

  • Other pieces: ‘WattBike’, Life Fitness Treadmill.


Small Group Sessions

Each week members will have access to four small group training sessions in addition to their individually assigned strength and conditioning program.

Strength & Conditioning Classes

Deck Sweat

Fitness, form and fun! Using a unique circuit format, we'll focus on your movement technique and form whilst enjoying a challenging whole body, strength-based workout that’s a lot of fun.

Strength Masterclass

Learn and experience fundamental movement principles with detailed coaching on our five 'desert island' strength exercises. Grow your knowledge around why resistance exercises combat the effects of aging.

Hit Express

A shorter session that involves the use of only research backed ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ protocols, rather than a random assortment of work. Mainly focused on aerobic activities.

Recovery, Mobility and Core Classes

Yoga & Pilates

As the name suggests, Sano’s hybrid Yoga & Floor Pilates sessions combine components of each practice to create a program that will leave you feeling strong & supple. These sessions may also be delivered separately.

Mind, Mobility, Breath

Pause and take stock. Feel what an active investment into mental and physical recovery is like. Learn practical tools that will improve your focus, energy and flexibility.


Regular Check In & Update

Every month members receive a Musculo-skeletal assessment and treatment from one of our Physiotherapists. The information from the check-in forms the basis of the individually tailored Strength & Conditioning program, so that each movement is suited to the person, their own physical needs and their goals.

Physiotherapy Consultation

  • Historical physical needs assessed.

  • Treatment on current areas for attention.

  • Information provided for program.

Strength & Conditioning Program

  • One-on-one personal coaching sessions are done until program can be executed sufficiently.

  • Program design is tailored around physiotherapy assessment and personal goals.


Comprehensive Check In

Every three months we perform a more detailed personal check in to track key markers of health and performance, or those that are more aligned with members’ personal goals. We will ‘look under the skin’ and ‘beyond the mirror’ to assess functioning of key internal measures of blood (fingerpick) and body composition. Rather than a standard set of additional assessments, each quarterly check-in will be based on each person’s needs and focus areas. This may include consultation with other SANO experts in Nutrition, Stress and Sleep.  The quarterly check-in serves to regularly ensure the entire membership service is being effective and addressing the correct areas.

Blood Biochemistry

Fingerprick analysis, includes lipid profile:

  • Cardiovascular health markers: Total cholesterol + HDL, LDL, Blood Glucose.

  • Diabetes marker: HBa1%

Body Composition Via ‘InBody’

  • Assessment of relative level of body fat mass (Kg, %) and skeletal muscle changes.

  • A non-invasive test, done via ‘InBody’ machine, using bioelectrical impedance method.

Additional Assessment Options

  • Strength testing.

  • Movement screening.

  • Nutrition assessment.

  • Stress and/or mindfulness scales.

  • Sleep analysis.

Masterclass Workshops

Keynote or practical education sessions on key areas of happiness and health. Topics may include:

  • Cardiology (by Dr. Andriss Elms).

  • Mindfulness (by Dr. Craig Hassed).

  • Nutrition & Diet (gut health, fat loss).

  • Leadership.

  • Mental Strength & Resilience.

  • Breathwork.


Connection, Education, Intensive Programs

Over each year Sano Perform will host various events and workshops that members can attend.  These will range from educational programs run by external experts to group programs and opportunities for workplace integration.

SANO ‘Surges’

Intermittent weekly periods of services delivered in an intensive fashion. Includes:

  • Ice bath and/or Sauna therapy.

  • Breathwork & Meditation.

  • Daily Strength training.

  • Daily Yoga or Pilates.

Workplace or Group Integration

Capped to a group of 15 people, we invite members to bring a group for a 3-hour wellness and performance experience each year. This would be delivered on-site and be a surface level look at Sano’s ethos and offering.

Learn from industry leading experts & sporting elite performers

Matt Hornsby

Advisor & Non-Exec Director
B. App Sc; Masters Exercise Science

High-Performance Manager and Coach with elite athletes in AFL, tennis, cricket, athletics and boxing for over 20 years. Matt’s passion is to inspire and support people to achieve higher levels of performance.

Steve Forcone

High Performance Manager
Level 2 ASCA Coach, Masters of Strength & Conditioning,
Sports Coaching & B. Exercise Sport Science

Performance and Strength Coach with elite AFL and VIS athletes for over 10 years. Steve has worked on the personal development of professional athletes and business people for over 10 years. His experience can help identify practical and personalised opportunities for growth and improvement.

Jarryn Geary

Leadership & Performance Manager,
B. Commerce & Management, ACU Blue Award

Geary is a professional AFL player signed to the St Kilda Football Club. He has played over 200+ games and is a Life Member at St Kilda FC. Since being drafted in 2007 with pick No. 58 in the 2006 Rookie Draft. He has played a pivotal role within the St Kilda Football Club, leading him to become the Captain of his side.

Anabelle Smith

Olympic Bronze Medallist, Triple Olympian,
3 x Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist

Anabelle Smith has competed on the Australian Diving Team for the past 13 years. Anabelle spreads her energy and experiences through motivational speaking and is currently helping shape Australia’s sporting future on the inaugural AIS Athlete Advisory Committee.

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