SANO Performance Program

Emerging Athletes

An immersive and experience-based learning program, taught and mentored by SANO experts, who are high-performance athletes and coaches from professional sport

Develop the person that drives the performer


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SANO Health’s Emerging Athletes Program is a unique opportunity to discuss high-performance habits and mindset with some of Australia’s best athletes, from sports including AFL, AFLW, tennis, hockey and diving.

Emerging athletes will have a one-on-one meeting with a SANO expert, or elite athlete of your choice, to further explore a topic that we deliver in the program.

You will learn:

  • How to achieve daily success by understanding and connecting to your values.

  • Skills to thrive through challenges.

  • Practical methods and applied use of mindfulness, gratitude and initiative.

  • Tools and methods to optimise recovery and workload balance to improve performance.

The Emerging Athletes Program is broken up into a 5-day schedule of sessions running from 10am - 1pm:

  • Program 1: Dec 5th - Dec 9th

  • Program 2: Dec 12th - Dec 16th

  • Program 3: Jan 16th - Jan 20th 


it works

The first day of the 5-day schedule will involve a tour of SANO's Kew facility, along with an introduction to and the logistics of the program. A presentation on personal values will be delivered by an elite athlete and the day will end with education on recovery. The session will instruct on self-massage and tissue release techniques.

Day 2 is a combination of a 'Get Present' activity, a session on mindfulness and a mobility and yoga-based recovery session. Following this, day 3 begins with a 'Group Energiser' activity and will end with an elite athlete presentation on a gratitude and initiative.

The fourth day of the program will begin with a 'Get Present' activity, with a 'Choice Points' session to follow. Today's recovery session will be education on hot and cold rotation recovery before the final day commences with a combined protocols recovery session, followed by the 'Tie It All Together' session. The program will end with a lunch for parents and athletes.

Learn from industry leading experts & sporting elite performers

Matt Hornsby

Advisor & Non-Exec Director
B. App Sc; Masters Exercise Science

High-Performance Manager and Coach with elite athletes in AFL, tennis, cricket, athletics and boxing for over 20 years. Matt’s passion is to inspire and support people to achieve higher levels of performance.

Steve Forcone

High Performance Manager
Level 2 ASCA Coach, Masters of Strength & Conditioning,
Sports Coaching & B. Exercise Sport Science

Performance and Strength Coach with elite AFL and VIS athletes for over 10 years. Steve has worked on the personal development of professional athletes and business people for over 10 years. His experience can help identify practical and personalised opportunities for growth and improvement.

Jarryn Geary

Leadership & Performance Manager,
B. Commerce & Management, ACU Blue Award

Geary is a professional AFL player signed to the St Kilda Football Club. He has played over 200+ games and is a Life Member at St Kilda FC. Since being drafted in 2007 with pick No. 58 in the 2006 Rookie Draft. He has played a pivotal role within the St Kilda Football Club, leading him to become the Captain of his side.

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