Mental Wellbeing Program

Sano Health has developed a wellbeing program for teachers to improve their performance, so they can...


We've developed this program with teachers in mind for increased performance and better stress management. Rather than focus on mental health problems and illness: The program takes a positive and preventative approach, focusing on improvement by providing knowledge and skills and clearly drawing the links between all factors. 

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Program overview

The Sano Health Mental Wellbeing program is here to help your teachers and classroom thrive. We've tailored this program to help take the guessing out of health and wellbeing and give your team the best resources available.

Our groundbreaking wellbeing programs are packed with evidence-based content from expert speakers and facilitators. We deliver programs that are engaging and effective. Support your workforce to make healthy lifestyle choices, and ignite passion and purpose in your leadership teams.

Our programs can range from 6 - 12 months, consist of frequent workshops and a broad range of material that your teachers can access at any time. We offer a range of support options which cater to individual needs.


As humans, we are social beings. Social wellbeing is our relationships, friendships, sense of belonging and community.


We are what we eat. Emotional wellbeing impacts the things we consume, our mood, energy and more.


Physical wellbeing is more than just fitness. It enables us to avoid illness, increase positive emotions, complete tasks and fully participate in activities.


Our thoughts impact the way we feel and behave. Having good intellectual wellbeing enables us to learn, be creative and take challenges.


Life wellbeing is the degree to which we positively evaluate the quality of our life as a whole. It provides us with purpose and goals.

about us

We use innovative technologies and evidence based research to help workplaces reduce fatigue, increase wellbeing and perform at a higher level. Our holistic approach is what makes Sano different. Help your team feel healthy, move well, think clearly, perform better and live fuller lives.

Matt Hornsby

Matt Hornsby

Chief Executive Officer
Monique Slade

Monique Slade

Chief Operating Officer
Kane Johnson

Kane Johnson

Performance Manager
Certified Health Coach (IAHC)
Dr. Craig Hassed

Dr Craig Hassed

Monash University

Bec Connelly

Bachelor of Applied Psychology

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