Give your remote workforce access to our groundbreaking wellbeing programs

Our digital programs are engaging, effective and packed with evidence-based content from expert speakers and facilitators. Reach your on-site, office-based and leadership teams with our range of digital delivery options.

A range of impactful digital programs

Help even the most remote workforces in your organisation feel supported and connected

Our digital programs are proven to work. From email campaigns on a range of health topics to virtual leadership retreats and everything in between, we know how to grab the attention of your staff and make a positive impact on their health and wellbeing. 
Digital delivery capabilities

Wellbeing isn't just for people wearing yoga pants.

Reach your entire workforce with our targeted digital programs. Trackies and ugg boots are welcome.

Email Newsletter 12 week mind bites program
Wellbeing in your inbox

12 week wellbeing program

Support your staff to improve their mental and physical health and make positive lifestyle changes

Our Mind bites program is safe, scientifically researched and highly effective. We'll send targeted content to your teams. Choose the format and frequency that is best for your business. We apply methods used in high-performance environments to educate and motivate your staff. Mind bites topics include practical nutrition, conscious leadership, physical movement and mindfulness and breathwork.

Online Performance Coaching
1:1 wellbeing support for high-performance

Online performance coaching

Nurture your leaders and support them to live and breathe high-performance

Our online performance coaching is the catalyst for leaders to break through barriers and reach their full potential. Help your leaders deeply understand what it takes for individuals to thrive, so they can guide their teams to perform at their best. One on one coaching sessions are the perfect follow-up to our leadership retreats.

Mind Break Sessions
Mindfulness via Zoom

Weekly online mind break sessions

Provide a calm space for your teams to recharge and prioritise their health

Our weekly mind break sessions help your teams refocus in between gruelling shifts or after a long day at the desk. Support your workforce to take back control of their health, as they learn to tune into their body and mind. Our mindfulness experts are leaders in their field, and provide this regular opportunity for self-care.

Digital High performance retreats
Two to four day high-performance and wellbeing retreat

High-performance retreat for leadership teams

Ingrain self-belief, positive behaviours and healthy habits in your leadership team

Our high-performance retreat bolsters your leadership team's holistic wellbeing, self-awareness and leadership skills. Support your leaders to take steps towards performing at consistently high levels. Our two to four day retreat is critical to helping leaders create environments where they can make healthy choices for themselves and their teams.

Ditial Leadership retreats
Wellbeing retreat from the comfort of home

One day virtual wellbeing retreat for leadership teams

Energise your leadership team with a full day of incredible wellbeing sessions

Our virtual leadership retreat will profoundly revitalise your leaders, and support them to strengthen their teams. Help your leaders improve their resilience, emotional intelligence and leadership skills. Our virtual retreat is a must-have for organisations wanting to develop their leaders' wellbeing and performance.

Sessions topics include self-awareness and connecting to others, mindfulness, movement and nutrition to empower the body and centre the mind.

Online wellbeing Zoom series
Expert-led wellbeing workshops

Online Zoom wellbeing series

Inspire your staff to think differently about their health, and to start making immediate changes to their daily habits

Our online Zoom-based series is facilitated by experts in wellbeing, life coaching, mindfulness and nutrition. Immerse your teams in our online wellbeing series, and kick start their journey to making healthier choices at work and in life. Our online wellbeing series is ready to go. Choose a schedule that is convenient for your workforce.

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