Together let's help your workforce feel healthy, prevent injury and thrive

Sano are passionate leaders in preventing injury. We break new ground with our holistic, scientific approach to wellbeing, which can help radically improve the overall health, happiness and performance of your teams. We specialise in supporting entire workforces in the mining and construction sectors.

The Sano difference

Help your team feel mentally and physically healthy, focussed and motivated

With Sano's unique holistic approach, your teams will tune into the six fundamental pillars of health. Transform the daily habits of your workforce, and improve their overall health, wellbeing and connectedness. The results are tangible, measurable and sustainable.

Our wellbeing facilitators are globally renowned experts in health and high-performance coaching. Our programs are based on the best science, and our methods are incredibly practical. We only use tried-and-tested wellness practices.


How we love to work with you

Enhance your organisation's existing health and wellbeing initiatives

We offer fully packaged white label programs that are ready to go. We can integrate our wellbeing programs straight into your organisation. Our programs complement existing health initiatives you are running. We can also tailor our programs to your business needs. Our delivery methods are highly targeted. Everything we do is geared towards changing behaviours and getting results.

Performing body scan on employee at Byrnecut

Reach your entire workforce digitally

Support your on-site, office-based and leadership teams to thrive with our digital programs

Our groundbreaking wellbeing programs are packed with evidence-based content from expert speakers and facilitators. We deliver digital programs that are engaging and effective. Support your workforce to make healthy lifestyle choices, and ignite passion and purpose in your leadership teams.

Digital Delivery Capabilities

Engage our mining and construction specialists

Help protect your mining and construction workforce from mental and physical strain

We live and breathe mining and construction. Our experienced team is deployed to tough, physically demanding work environments across Australia. We work at the forefront of holistic wellbeing to proactively reduce injury, increase focus and concentration, and improve mental wellbeing in workplaces. Teach your workforce the skills needed to avoid strain, fatigue and burnout.

Sano clients participating in safety exercise workshop

Our groundbreaking programs

Start a wellbeing program at your workplace today

Our programs are ready to go. Begin now to improve the health of your workforce, and see the tangible results.

Injury prevention

Help your workforce reduce injury, move mindfully and make positive health and lifestyle changes with our injury prevention program.

Mental wellbeing

Give your staff the tools to thrive at work and in life with our holistic mental wellbeing program.

Mind bites

Support your teams to embody a greater sense of wellbeing and feel motivated with our digital Mind bites content.


Empower your leaders to feel passionate, purposeful and build stronger teams with our leadership program.


Improve your organisation's culture of safety and performance through better situational awareness and self-awareness with our Safe360 program.

Be Safe.

Ensure your facilities and processes comply with the strictest health and safety protocols with our Be Safe audits.

Find out how Sano Health can help your business

Contact Sano Health today to find out more about our programs and how we can tailor a solution to meet the individual needs of your business.