one-on-one coaching

Health is personal, and one-on-one coaching can help identify and embed the habits that will move a specific individual to a healthier state. Sessions can be performed in person or remotely, depending on your preference, availability, and budget. We tailor our coaching to be highly effective for all levels of the organisation, including senior executives, people leaders, and front-line staff.

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expert sessions

We pride ourselves on bringing only the best people to your teams to deliver presentations or workshops. Expert sessions can be used to create motivation at the beginning of a program, dive deeper on a specific topic of interest for your team, or to build team connection through group activity. Subjects for these sessions can range from meditation in the workplace to how to make the perfect smoothie.

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performance data

Is it working? Identifying the right metrics by which to gauge success and regularly reporting on them will help you and your team know how much progress you’re making. The type of assessment can be tailored to your needs, and can include whole-of-company biometric screenings to assess health risk factors inside the organisation, passive monitoring of weight and step counts to measure participation levels, or pre and post program holistic assessments to determine the overall outcome of the program.

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wellbeing challenges

Challenges are easy to implement across a broad audience and are a fun, interactive experience for all involved. Activities are usually designed to be completed in teams over a period of 8-12 weeks.

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environment design

Our behaviour change experts can scan your current working environment and make recommendations about the small changes that can be made to support your team in their health and wellbeing journey. And then we’ll help you execute! Potential changes that can help sustain healthy habits include:

Healthy snack options
Improvements to catering menus
Filtered water availability
Ergonomic assessments
Recovery room set up
Walking groups
Structured mindfulness activities
Group fitness classes
Flexible working policies

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