Why yoga cultivates your health and wellbeing

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“There is always room for change, but you have to be open to that change.”


Yoga is an ancient discipline that has gained huge popularity within our modern, western world. Originally stemming from a tradition that dates back more than 2500 years, yoga is an integration of philosophies, movement and breath focusing on creating a more flexible, calm and balanced whole.

The stereotype of the hippy, green juice-drinking yogi sells this ancient practise short. Yoga is much more than an alternative workout and it’s easier than it may initially seem. Essentially, at the core of it all, yoga starts with simple stretching and breathing that clears the busy mind.



Yoga is said to have originated in India during the Golden Age (roughly 26,000 years ago). The actual Sanskrit word, when broken down, means “to control” or “to unite”. As you delve into your yoga practise this is the aim, to unite the various parts of ‘you’. It is indeed a practice. One of the best things about yoga is that we aren’t searching for ‘perfect’, we are merely practising opening and calming the body. It’s a lifelong pursuit.

Recently, there have been a growing number of scientific studies that delve into the extensive health benefits of a regular yoga practise.


To highlight a few:


–  Reduce stress and anxiety

–  Clear the busy mind

–  Improve self awareness

–  Mindfulness

–  Improve overall well-being

–  Improve flexibility

–  Reduce neck stiffness

–  Improve posture and lower back pain

–  Increase flow in everyday life situations

We believe that yoga is an essential nourishment for the busy mind and body. No matter where you are, or how little time you have, there’s always an opportunity to move your body, to increase your energy and to calm your mind.

So how do you get started and build a regular yoga practise?


Simply google your local yoga studio and sign up for a welcoming beginners class or find a quiet space at home and try out some free online yoga classes.


Yoga doesn’t need to be expensive, time consuming or hard. Go at your own pace and enjoy.


(Hint: it’s just a respectful way of saying hello or thank you in the yoga world!)