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Everyone has elite performance improvement potential

A 10% improvement in elite sport can be the difference between a championship and a second-place finish.  Not all of us can be elite athletes, but each of us do have the opportunity to improve our performance and discover what benefits it will bring.  What is your opportunity?

Adjusting a few ‘autopilot’ habits can have a huge impact on overall health and wellbeing

Imagine effortlessly preparing a nutritious breakfast every day, regularly doing exercise that you enjoy, choosing to walk or cycle instead of driving or catching the tram to work.  These are the habits that can change lives once they are embedded in your daily routine and no longer require conscious effort to sustain.

Recovery is critical to being and doing our best

Our lives are a marathon, not a sprint. While there are times when we need to sprint, we need to then rest and recover if we are to stay in the race and be at our best for our family, friends, and colleagues.

Willpower is a limited resource

To sustain lifestyle habit change, we must build a supportive environment that makes doing the right thing easy – and well rewarded – and doing the wrong thing hard.

design principles

One must lead oneself in order to lead others

We work with leadership to instil their own wellbeing habits before engaging their teams, and engage change-makers at every level in the same way.

Interventions are personalised and holistic

We meet each individual where they are in their lifestyle habit journey, and work with them on the changes that will make the biggest difference for them across nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and sleep.

Measure outcomes and use data to motivate change

We track progress throughout the change journey to enable personal, group, and program-level accountability.


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